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On September 17th, 7Day and Hero Foundation donated medicine for foot-and-mouth disease, skin and hoof inflections, and general health of 10 pigs and 259 cows in Nyoung-hla Village, 197 cows in Ywar-thar-kone Village, and 208 cows in Nyoung-choung Village

On September 18th, we continued our trip and supplied medicine for foot-and-mouth disease, skin and hoof inflections, and general health of 130 cows in Lat-pan-chay-paw Village, 175 cows in Lat-pan-taw Village in Pwint-phyu Township, Magway Division.

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On September 16th, Hero Foundation and 7 Day Team donated medicine for foot-and-mouth disease (FMD), skin and hoof infections, and general health of 238 cows in Gat-kone Village, 119 cows in Choon-su Village, 14 pigs and 246 cows in Phoe-pauk-su Village, Pwint-phyu Township, Mgway.

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On September 15th, Hero Foundation and 7 Day Team donated rice, cooking oil, canned sardine, instant noodle, cloth, china plate, assorted biscuit, school supplies, candles, and medicine for 2,000 households in 31 Villages: Yone-kone, Hlal-htouk-kone, Kyat-thon-kwin, and 5 Villages in Sat-twar Village Group, 10 Villages in Kyee-pin Village Group, 4 Villages in Shaw-pyar Village Group, 5 Villages in Kyone-da-doon Village Group, and 4 Villages in Htan-ta-pin Village Group, Thar-paung, Ayyarwady.

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Disclosure of Flood Relief Donation Details by 7Day | Hero Foundation

Total Donation Received: over 469,100,000 Kyats, USD 400, and SGD 410

Donation Spent: over 408,000,000 Kyats

Number of flood refugee families that received our donation: 32,132

Remaining Donation: over 61,000,000 Kyats, USD 400, and SGD 410

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On September 13th, Hero Foundation and 7 Day Team donated:

·         20 bags of rice, 80 viss of cooking oil, 70 boxes of instant noodle, 90 viss of chickpeas, 70 cans of sardine, and 2 bags of salt for 80 households in Tone-taung Village and Toon-zan Village, Chin State

·         5 bags of rice, 20 viss of cooking oil, 12 boxes of instant noodle, 3 boxes of assorted biscuits, and 50 water sanitizing tablets for monastery  in Toon-zan Village


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